Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

Ahhhh....the holidays are here.  And with their arrival comes major stressing over all the things that need to be accomplished: 
{decorating, creating Christmas cards, making homemade gifts, doing any holiday baking, hosting dinners, shopping, etc etc etc...}

It's easy to let the fun times be overshadowed by anxiety and frustration.  But when I sit back and focus on the moment {not on all that lurks in the scary places of my mind}, I find that deep down, I am grateful. 
Grateful for the love of my family, the support of my friends, the warmth of my home, the strength of my body, the unconditional love my dogs, the community spirit of our neighborhood, money in my pocket and the ability to express my thanks in small ways.
I hope that you are taking time to sit and refect on all that you are grateful for this holiday season.



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