Sunday, July 17, 2011


Okay okay okay...I admit that I am not the most computer literate chickie on the planet but I get by. Usually very well. But one thing that can make my head spin around backwards is trying to figure out all of this BLOG business. No joke, I have been at this for hours and all I intended to do was a little redesign. Fun, catchy, simple. Aye yi yi. Pffffffft.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{BEHOLD} the beauty that is the most gorgeous wreath EVAH!!

The other day, my BFFL posted pics of a paper wreath that she had made using the pages of a vintage dictionary.  I was in awe at the photos but my mouth stood agape when I actually saw it in person.  {GORGEOUS}  No other word can do it justice.  She aged the pages even more by spraying them with an espresso shade of Glimmer Mist by Tattered AngelsShe then sprayed an all over gold shade of Glimmer Mist to complete the look. And...

I can't take credit for the design or the brilliant mind that created this beauty.  It was all my BFFL's creation.  I simply did the grunt work of rolling book pages and hot glueing them to a metal wreath form.

A close-up view of the rolled book pages.  The ribbon was attached with a paper clip so that I can easily swap it out for a different color.

I started with a novel by John Steinbeck, because I liked the vintage-y look of the pages {plus} as an added bonus, the edges were already gold leaf.  You can use any book you choose.  My BFFL used a dictionary she purchased from a used bookstore. I won't go into the whole OMG a used book OMG I have a horrible phobia about used books of any kind drama, but ::trust me:: there is a story there.

You'll need at least 100 pages.  Each is loosely rolled into a cone shape and hot glued to a metal wreath form.  Start on the outside and work your way in, gluing on top of each layer.  As you get closer in to the middle of the wreath, the pages will need to be cut to size.

Another view of the wreath above the family room fireplace {and a peek at Mr Pee's cute bean}. It's up for Christmas but I think it is so elegant and neutral in design that I'm going to keep it up all year. I may just swap out the bow depending on my mood.

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

Ahhhh....the holidays are here.  And with their arrival comes major stressing over all the things that need to be accomplished: 
{decorating, creating Christmas cards, making homemade gifts, doing any holiday baking, hosting dinners, shopping, etc etc etc...}

It's easy to let the fun times be overshadowed by anxiety and frustration.  But when I sit back and focus on the moment {not on all that lurks in the scary places of my mind}, I find that deep down, I am grateful. 
Grateful for the love of my family, the support of my friends, the warmth of my home, the strength of my body, the unconditional love my dogs, the community spirit of our neighborhood, money in my pocket and the ability to express my thanks in small ways.
I hope that you are taking time to sit and refect on all that you are grateful for this holiday season.



Monday, May 17, 2010

Legends in our own minds

Over the weekend, I attended a scrapbook retreat hosted by my BFFL Kimberly Hutchison, proprietor of my *FAVORITE* scrapbooking store HIP 2B SQUARE (please check out her fabulous shop This was the 2nd retreat of Kimberly's that I've gone to and MAN what fun I had. And though I like to think that I've grown up, there is always room for potty humor.  First, shall I introduce the PJ Posse of which I speak??
{They are beautiful girls}



Our Fearless Ringleader KKH.
Hey WAIT! How did she escape
the papparazzi??

Here are a few highlights from the weekend:
* Rearranging readerboards * cracking ourselves up * Bikini Martini(s)* Eagle Scout * lizzing * Brass Knuckles * Mouse Turds * cackling with laughter * Bugles * The PJ Posse * Glee Soundtrack * lots o'wine * suck it! * Betty's muffin * security camera footage * Covert TP'ing * bonding with my bi@tches! * tears * hugging * AND...

**generally being legends in our own minds**

Epic girls weekend, silliness galore!

** Love you girlies! **